Three slot horizontal wallet, burgundy Horween Chromexcel - Currier & Beamhouse

Three slot horizontal wallet, burgundy Horween Chromexcel

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Every stitch by hand. Crafted in Chicago.

The Currier & Beamhouse three slot wallet comfortably holds several cards and bills in each open vertical slot. It is slim enough to carry in any pocket.

Chicago's own Horween Chromexcel is produced a mere 3 miles away from our workshop. It's tanned in a highly guarded blend of natural oils and waxes and given a hand rubbed finish that produces its distinctive "pull up" character. Unlike other colors, black Chromexcel does not typically display the same mottled surface character when bent.


  • 4 ⅛" x 2 ¾"
  • Three open slots
  • Horween Chromexcel in No. 8 burgundy
  • Skived construction for a slim profile
  • Saddle stitched by hand with Sajou Au Chinois French linen thread
  • Hand finished beveled edges

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